Forex Number #1 Secret

Forex Number #1 Secret

Year is 360 days.

360/2 = 180.

150 = 5 months.

5 months + 30 = 6 months.

The first 123 days of the year are the most bullish or going-up-in-prices days.

After the first 123 days, there is 27 days as different as February to human year. During them there is the most violent unexpected forex market.

123 + 27 days = 150 days.

After the first 150 days of the year, there is one month that starts the way correction.

150 + 30 = 180. That’s the first six months of the year.

The same expectation is reversely true for the rest of the year. That means that the last six month of the year takes the forex market to the bearish going-down-in-prices days with the same math we mentioned for the first 180 days or first 6 month of the year.

Now where is the 5 days not counted there.

It is 365 days or 366 days during a leap year, so where are those 5 to 6 days. Say the lost week since we don’t count holidays, so 5-6 days are enough to represent a forex trading week.

That’s the week we are going to talk about it in the next forex secret number # 2, so keep an eye on that.

Now, what’s the use of that expectation?

Of course, it is useful, fruitful, benefiting, and great for those traders of all levels.

If you are a beginner, middle, or advanced level trader or a beginner, middle, or advanced level Expert Adviser (Auto Pilot Trader) programmer, that piece of information is really important and has to be in mind.

As a conclusion, don’t forget the number #1 base secret of forex market.

Forex Number #1 Secret

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