We recommend one of the following Top-Ten signals provided by MQL ( community of MT4 and MT5 that uses metaquot language for trading Forex automatically )

We recommend AUTO H1, but you can read more about different strategies like, for example HFT strategies.

Sample LFT (Low Frequency Trading) system:

Sample AFT (Average Frequency Trading) system

Sample HFT (High Frequency Trading) system:

Read more about HFTs, High Frequency Trading Strategy

High-Frequency Trading

High-frequency tradingHigh-frequency trading (HFT) is a type of algorithmic trading, specifically the use of sophisticated technological tools and computer algorithms to rapidly trade securities. HFT uses proprietary…

Also read about new different trading idea called Neutral Networks >> http://mql5.com/3jwv

*     Kindly, be aware not to start with any signal provider during the last 6 month of the year, because it is usually going to be difficult for your Forex account to survive a loss ratio in contrast of a profit!
**   Forex trading is a real risk on your own pocket and future!
*** Read our secrets carefully! Hedging sometimes is a must against loss!

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مثال على متاجر منخفض الأداء

مثال على متاجر متوسط الأداء

مثال على متاجر عالي الأداء


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