Create free real site

Create free real site

Create free real site for most-purposes showcase site in easy 123 steps!


Figuratively, just few clicks of easy adjustments and you're done.


1. Click here and signup with the option ( …… new site) to create free real site or just click here to login on-fly using any of your worldwide accounts and create free real site and user later. When you create free real site a set of options is going to be available for you to create free real site setting up your site listing of 3 e-books, 3 products, 3 personal photos, 3 easy steps, and what so ever you like as your call to action requires.


2. After you create free real site, go to Appearance > Theme > Responsive > Activate. That’s theme for your site front-page call to action. Customize the theme Responsive as you wish. Its widgets are so easy to customize and understand. If you prefer using the default site theme for just casual blogging or any site creation, just leave the default theme activated.


3. During Responsive customization phase, paste your (e.g. PayPal product button/link after a short brief description/Blog Signup) in the field of Call to Action button. That’s it!


Create free real site has been simple, easy, ready, safe, and free.

Create free real site Features:

  • Variety of WordPress plugins.
  • Users/Sites/Groups/Projects(*free Jetpack connected account required) managements.
  • Safe Harbor registration.
  • Free.
  • No need for backups.
  • Safe. It is just your free site with listings back to your checkout page.
  • Accredits all .CO domains with Seal of Accreditation, if they are registered with ulike123®. Click here to register new .CO ulike123® accredited site with our SOA seal that you can use on it. Read more..
  • Friendly end-user/user front-end web-based platform. What’s easier than a WordPress site?
  • Ready for use. No more setups and hacks problems. Just have a handy pen, write your site name, and spread the news about your call to action showcase of your site/location/business page/ads/e-books/photos/arts/listings/articles etc.
  • Follow us on YouTube/Google+ etc are all possible to be added via simple theme widgets way.
  • Have your own site, listing, subscribers, users, groups, projects, and so all on one place depending on your adjustments to your account.
  • Straightforward and kept safe and locked-down against many threats using famous technologies.
  • Social login enable (*requires free connected account).
  • Connect your twitter, Facebook, Google, and so to your site, so your posts are published, commented, and pinged everywhere.
  • Responsive theme has many free uncountable advantages (e.g. Ready Mobile, iPad etc theme).
  • Responsive main call to action theme has many capabilities (e.g. upgrades, colors, etc).
  • Responsive custom Text/HTML/JavaScript Header and Footer.
  • CNAME pointing available. See Tools -> Domain mapping on dashboard.
  • Use your own CNAME.
  • Customizable login screen. See Appearance -> Login Screen menu on dashboard.
  • SEO enabled with lot of checks settings that’s in hand and use. See SEO on dashboard.
  • Google translation enabled. See Plugins -> Google website translator menu on dashboard.
  • One of your best-site’s-content-management-has-not-been-easier products and services.
  • and much more free products, addons, and services.