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FAQ stands for ( Frequently Asked Questions ):

1. What is a ulike123® showcase site?

It is a listing site modifiable for different online personal or business purposes (e.g. business listing, site’s listing, products, products’ listing, e-books listing, arts and photos listing, checkout steps, teaching, learning steps and any that satisfies any personal or commercial purpose.

2. Is it social?


3. Is it free?


4. Is it customizable?


5. Can it be accredited?


6. What type of accreditation seals is that?

ulike123® SOA (Seal of Accreditation) for .CO domain names.

7. I need to know a little bit more about that?

Click here to visit our ulike123® SOA showcases for Business page.

8. What type of accreditation seals is that?

Click here to visit our ulike123® SOA showcases for Business page.

9. What widget to use or line to paste?

Click here to visit our ulike123® SOA showcases for Business page.

10. Is it affordable?

Of course. Just one public .CO registration is enough by ulike123® domain registration service.

11. Is it obligatory or mandatory for creating sites, groups, forums, projects, users, media, and all that web content?

No. By default, you can enjoy all that and point any type of domains with a CNAME; not necessary a .CO domain you buy from ulike123®.

12. Does SOA automatically sense my public .CO domain and accredits it?


14. Is there any obligation to keep the .CO domain for long-lasting years contract?

No; just the ordinary domains expiration period of 1 year or any more that you wish as you wish, but not less than a #1 year registration as you always hear about domains on the internet.

15. In case of .CO domain name cancellation, is that refundable?

No in most cases, because there is only 24h automatic cancellation period. You will find the money immediately back to your ulike123® preloaded debit account by PayPal after you decide to cancel immediately. Your money records and information is kept safe by our partners like PayPal and other non-financial services providers concerning the account on www.ulike123.com/   so relax since they are the well-known-of-their-jobs parties taking care of the process. What is kept on this public site (www.ulike123.co) is just your publicly shared content, for example and not limited to, your checkout steps, your products listings, and so on; a public shared blogging content. For more on terms and privacy, check and read ours from the Legal menu on the top of this site, please.

17. What’s the most important settings should I prepare for my site?

Login, click Dashboard -> My Sites -> The Site Name You Want to Setup or Create -> Dashboard, and prepare the following:

  • Tools -> Domain Mapping to point a domain to your site’s content with a CNAME.
  • Appearance -> Login Screen customization.
  • Appearance -> Theme to activate your site’s Responsive theme.
  • Appearance -> Theme Options to activate your site’s Responsive theme extended options.
  • Appearance -> Customize to activate your site’s Responsive theme’s widgets and more.
  • Plugins -> Translator  to add a Google translation menu to your site.
  • SEO -> Dashboard to verify your site with different search engines, in case you pointed your domain name to your site’s content here using a CNAME.


*** End of FAQ ***