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Satisfaction for ulike123® is a commitment towards its clients, customers, and users with the possible standards available for the globe with many aspects. For example and not limited to:

    • Firstly, money orders through PayPal Verified debit account.
    • Secondly, ulike123® is a US trademark. You can search for it in www.uspto.gov website. It  shows ulike123® owner: MR A A M AL, LLC.
    • In addition, MR A A M AL, LLC is a US company works under WY states laws. You can search for our company name in the WY states site to check its good standing.
    • Furthermore, ulike123® has a commitment to refund you fully or partially all the amount possible to be back to you. All our products and services are refundable for days starting from their purchase date excepts domain name registration that is so crucial and in need of canceling during the same day although it is automated with your prepaid account on our hosting site (www.ulike123.com) using your PayPal debit account. Also, the SOA qualifying process that requires a non-refundable $0.33 – $0.99 is as well non-refundable unless it is free like the one that comes with domains you register with us on ulike123.com that the SOA senses as your domain registrant for free, of course, but if you got an independent registration for a SOA without a domain that has whois from which SOA can inherits your information, it may cost you a non-refundable $0.33 – $0.99 as a:
      Registration and Verification Charge
    • Of course, ulike123® founder office will be supporting you directly, if you have a domain registered with us. The rest of support regarding our hosting products and services is ordinary and always a split between us and our partners on https://support.resellerclub.com/helpdesk/


ulike123® team wishes you a nice day!


P.S. Domains and hosting services is provided on our site http://ulike123.com/

and the rest (e.g SOA, free blogs, etc) on this site http://ulike123.co/