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Business in need for publicity and accreditation ?!

Business ?! Register  with us #1 public domain name and get accredited automatically.


Requirements of Accreditation:

Just register   #1  public/non-private domain with ulike123® and your done!

SOA holds the rest.


No further action required!

ulike123® SOA (Seal of Accreditation) senses your public registration of your domain and accredited it.


You’ll have to set your site with public whois settings -WITH NO PRIVATE WHOIS INFORMATION.


Type of Accreditation:

Both for personal and business use seal that you can paste its code anywhere on the internet auctions/sites/profiles etc, but it only accredits your site that’s registered with us, if somebody wants to see extra information from it as 10 points site accredited by ulike123® SOA. That will show respect and that your business extra details is over an accredited site brought to you by ulike123® that never accepts any type of payments excepts those verified by PayPal.


Is SOA useful for my business ROI (Return On Investment) ?

Yes. Of course.

Accrediting a personal or business site is one worldwide well-known key feature that can help leading to a true  success.


What code or widget to paste or use?

1. SOA (Seal of Accreditation) is so simple and can be about one line of code as a link:|https)://www.your-site-name.(supported domains)/
2. Seal placeholder that shows the seal image with the link shown previously:
<a href="|https)://www.your-site-name.(supported domains)/" title="SOA">
<img src="" alt="SOA" />


Note: Your domain name has to be registered by ulike123® registration service publicly in order to be accredited by ulike123® SOA (Seal of Accreditation). Before you register a domain name by ulike123® registration service, kindly, be sure that you have read, understood, and accepted our disclaimer at the bottom of this page, our Terms and Privacy on all our sites, and our Satisfaction page on

SOA Supported Domains: 67 top level domains (ae, aero, ag, asia, at, au, be, biz, br, ca, cat, ch, cl, cn, co, co, coop, cz, de, edu, es, eu, fi, fj, fm, fr, hu, ie, in, info, int, ip, ip, ir, is, it, jp, lt, lu, ly, me, mobi, museum, mx, name, nl, nu, nz, org, org, pl, pro, pt, ro, ru, sc, se, si, su, tel, travel, uk, us, ve, ws, za, zanet).